What’s new!

Reorganizing blog posts, doing some post adding, and more work on the (now) alpha version of Pushing to add three more features before the end of this weekend: leader boards, webcam support, and user profile pages… Let the games begin!

The fork of spaghetti

I have come to a fork in the road that looks less like a fork and more like an inbred octopus resulting in far too many tentacles, either that or a plate of spaghetti. Naturally this leads to confusion…

Home work

Last week I wired speakers from my upstairs stereo to both my bedroom and the downstairs bathroom. Yes music throughout the house. It is very nice but I ran into a problem very quickly, what if I want to change the song? Oh yeah, then I have to run all the way upstairs to my cellphone that is playing music through the stereo and change the song… And THAT was a problem!

So what is my solution? Well I am still working on implementing it, but as of now I have my desktop computer wirelessly connected to my router which is bridged to my laptop in the living room, which is now hooked up to the stereo instead of my cellphone. This laptop bridges the wifi signal from my phone to be shared with the router to the rest of the house…

Ok now what? Well if I want internet radio streaming then I open the web application on the laptop and it plays, woo! if I want to change the song I can (as of right now) RDP into the laptop and change the song. Now lets say that I want to play some songs from my library? Well as of now (which will change no doubt) I have an iSCSI target served from my desktop computer, which my laptop connects to. This is where all of my music is stored! Done!

Now this is just a hobbling setup until I get the proper virtuals in place. But it is working very well. The next big test is to see if I can stream video wirelessly to my computer. 😉

The current topic

So, was it was awhile ago that I last posted any information on my public sites, but let me assure you that I have not been slacking! I have been very much swamped with work work. The good news is besides just learning many new tricks, I have been documenting all of it! I have also talked to my boss and he said it would be perfectly fine if I took my documentation, stripped out any private information, and repost it under my own accounts (since it is my work anyways right?). So needless to say I have much on my agenda for this weekend, and of which that is part of it. I also plan on getting my home network configured and setup, along with getting my desktop computer running in a normal state again… Busy weekend, good thing its a three day weekend, thank you presidents and your holidays! I appreciate you guys, I really do!

Website work!

Ahh at last I am getting around to updating my personal webiste! I also started a personal blog, which I will fill with more bountiful stories and full thoughts. Here will just be quick blips of my status. Similar to a twitter tweet, but without the character limit and insane amount of followers that dont really care about you, only that you add one to their follow count.

You will notice that I am using a, dare I say, wordpress site as my main ‘engine’ for a website… Well I have come to learn a lesson, and learning this lesson is (and still will be) hard.. But here it is: When the wheel is readily available for your disposal (and dare I say for free) then WHY do I keep trying to reinvent it? I have this persona about me where I always look at a task as overcome-able and thus not so difficult. So why not make it myself? Yes I do learn a lot while taking that approach, but I am not as productive as I would like to be.. So here is my switch, I am using tools to benefit my work. And progress is to which I seek to gain!