A:\ dream compile TRUE!

Code flows from my fingertips as if my Mac were a harp, and I was plucking a keyboard of golden strings. Chords drawn into existence from the graceful sweeping motion of my digits amongst miniature glyph marked pedestals. Effortlessly in appearance, yet skillfully in observation, I caressing these structures into their very own existence. Reaching new heights, and being exposed to new light. Commands flourish as they cascade further down an incrementing trail of numbers marking the shore to an ocean of syntax. Characters swell and break into calm lapping functions that settle into their structured forms, held in place by opposing accolades. Dreams are birthed into existence amongst the tranquility of this surreal sanctuary, hopes are noticed and affirmed.


Are kinda like a begger, but instead of shaking a can, I shake a keyboard and mouse.

Of the Highest Standard

I have noticed that laziness often becomes a habit of software development.

I have also noticed that in the work environment, laziness and incompleteness is not the standard that is expected in a complete project. When coding on a project reaches this point of completion, but not perfection, is when the laziness comes in. There is more effort required at this stage than what is typically expected, and is very easily underestimated. The biggest issue here is that this point is what decides if it is a make-or-break application.

Humans will notice the smallest of imperfections. Yet remedying these imperfections are often burdensome and challenging. This is why the lazy path is most often defaulted to.

There is hope though, I have witnessed that with good practice and discipline, the point of perfection becomes easier to surmount. With habit of pushing that envelope of polish, there becomes a natural tendency to do so with any future projects. Eventually it will become so¬†ingrained¬†that you will not even think about needing to reach perfection, it will be the ‘norm’.

I am past the point of laziness. I am at the point of push for perfection is becoming easier and less of a hassle, more of a habit. My goal is to reach the ‘norm’ of perfection, and I am well on my way.


The only thing more compelling than encouragement is fair competition. Or at least for the human race, this is how it appears.

Writing code

I did the math today, I have been writing computer code for over 1/4 of my life (~27%), or 6 years… Does that surprise anyone?? Thank you mom for buying me “Computer Programming for Dummies” in 10th grade.

What works best

I have had the common structure of websites engrained into my way of thinking, what I mean is having a: Home, Contact, About, Products, Etc… Tabbed layout. I have recently been reorganizing and structuring some of my website content where it doesn’t fit so well into them few generic terms. So for website updates I have been restructuring a little bit, everything should be just as easy (if not easier) to find. This isn’t meant to be a huge update, just the better (or more proper) organization is something I felt should be noted, and also makes me feel like I have a better grip on the natural aspect of how things are suppose to be.

My Observation.

Programmers must be very fast learners… to be able to pick up someone elses project, be able to analyze the codes many aspects, layers of inheritance, polymorphism, structures, etc… then to actually understand all if it, and THEN to build on top or modify and expand that existing structure. It is quite an accomplishment, this is why programming holds my interests.

I seem to be able to do this quite well.